George O'Day

1960 Olympic Gold
Medal winner in yachting

Sailboat designer and
racer; author.

He died in 1987 at age
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The freezing of

Dear website visitor,

I have been informed by my hosting company (Aabaco Small Business,
formerly Yahoo) that they will no longer be supporting their proprietary
website building tool (SiteBuilder) that I used to create this web site a
dozen years ago.

In addition, they are no longer allowing sites built using the tool to be
updated by Sitebuilder or
any other means.  Even a simple file upload of
an .html file will not be supported.  Technically, the file can be uploaded,
but Yahoo's web servers add a script to the web page before it is served
to a browser which will effectively prevent it from being displayed.

So what does all this mean?

a)  I have reduced the site to a minimum number of pages that should
not require maintenance in the future.  The frozen site will still function,
but no updates are planned.

b) Manuals are still available for O'Day and other sailboats as listed on
the manuals page.

If time allows, I may migrate the contents of to
another site with the same or a new URL.  In the meantime, content has
not been lost, just frozen in space and time.

Thanks to all the thousands of visitors the site has had over the years.

Sail On Sailors!

Mike McIntire