Mike McIntire has been hooked on sailing since he bought a one-way
ticket to St. Thomas in 1987 and landed a job as deckhand on a
schooner.  He bought his first sailboat, Sloop Du Jour, a 1976 O'Day
32 Aft Cabin sloop, in 1993 soon after returning from a three-year
posting in Paris for an American software company.  He lived aboard
Sloop Du Jour for nine years and has sailed thousands of miles in
Florida and the Caribbean, on his own and other boats.
Besides sailing, he is a certified open-water scuba diver, a General Class amateur radio
operator (KE4KDE), and a lover of all things outdoors.  He has been working with
information technology since the early 1970's, primarily with IBM midrange systems
(now known as iSeries) and PCs.  He develops software, web sites, and provides
technical support for a wide variety of companies around the world by telecommuting
from his home in Cape Coral, Florida.
(Like a lot of people, I find it hard to talk about myself.  So I decided to do this page as
a publisher's blurb on the dust cover of my next best-seller.)