Love This Boat!
Got an O'Day that you love?  Get out there with that digital camera and take some pictures of it
-- or better yet, have a friend on another boat take them.  Then send in the best one with a
caption describing your true love (the boat, not your significant other) to the email address on
our Contact Us page.  All submissions become the property of Suntangent LLC to use in any
way whatsoever.  (That's the legal jargon.)

I'll generally post pictures in the order received.  Check back to see if yours has been posted,
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George O'Day

1960 Olympic Gold
Medal winner in yachting

Sailboat designer and
racer; author.

He died in 1987 at age
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PICTURES --- I need pictures for the site -- send yours in now, and don't forget to write
a few sentences of caption information, who you are and where you sail, etc.
Ordering a manual for your boat?

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home port, so shipments should be
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Bob, KE5BEE, sent in this lovely photo of his Daysailor II.  DS6560 enjoys a lazy afternoon on
the shore of Lake Cochiti, NM.