Love This Boat!
George O'Day

1960 Olympic Gold
Medal winner in yachting

Sailboat designer and
racer; author.

He died of colon cancer
in 1987 at age 64.
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Dan Bourbeau wrote, "I'm new to the website, and saw that you were looking for
pictures of beloved O'Days.  Well, here's a picture of my 1979 O'Day 30, Liquidity.  We
sail out of Fairhaven, MA.  I bought her in 2004, and have been sailing and working on
her (loving both activities) ever since.  This picture was taken by a friend from his boat
while we were sailing together in Buzzards Bay a few years back.
PICTURES --- I need pictures for the site -- send yours in now, and don't forget to write
a few sentences of caption information, who you are and where you sail, etc.
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